JavaFX eventbus using Akka

Last days I started to look more at reactive programming, especially that I am familiar with Play Framework.
One of the successor on this area is akka framework - Scala/Java implementation of actor-based runtime for managing concurrency.

I started to think how it can be useful for JavaFX application. One of the think what I came up with is EventBus.
Creating EventBus using akka I’m getting reactive/concurrent message passing for free.
The events/messages are sent using the internal threading management.
What I do is that when actor receives message, then I perfrom Platform.runLater to pass this event to JavaFX thread.

This is my starting point of learning akka, so take a look at my code and share your thoughts.

You can find my implementation of akka-eventbus for JavaFX here:

Also please take a look at usage example: